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Company Profile

Ibrahim Trading Company (ITC)

Established in 1998, our unwavering commitments to quality and customer satisfaction have driven us to become the top manufacturer of household and industrial gloves in Europe and Pakistan.

ITC offers all types of gloves of superior quality leather gloves that conform to worldwide quality requirements, based on its extensive experience and heritage. ITC gloves has consistently expanded into new global markets, exporting products to many countries.

Today, ITC is a well-established company that can confidently claim its place in the development and history of industrial and household gloves.

One-stop-shop for manufacturing

With state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, in-house research facilities, and teams of highly dedicated experts with in-depth industry experience, we tailor our services to each client's specific needs.

We are committed to upholding and delivering continuous severe quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process to assure products of the highest quality that provide effective infection barriers. Our products are exported globally, with footprints covering five continents and more than ten destination nations.

Company Profile

High quality manufacturing

Our policy is to manufacture products which comply with the specifications established and agreed with our customers at a realistic and marketable cost, and to deliver them on time. In order to implement the policy, we will follow a continuous program of improvement, based on prevention rather than detection of faults.

Working with TQM (Total Quality Management) principles we will equip each of our personnel with the knowledge and resources required to successfully contribute towards our on-going search for excellence. We will provide a safe working environment for all our personnel and continually check and redefine product safety levels to ensure customer safety, and to always be aware of the environmental implications of all our processes and practices.

To continually improve our supplier relationships by periodic auditing, consultation and training. Commitment at all levels to ‘Getting it right first time’ is essential to successful implementation of the policy.

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